19th IFMAD

Dear Colleagues & Friends,

After careful consideration, we have made the very difficult decision to switch the 19 IFMAD meeting to a virtual format.

Although we were very much looking forward to welcoming everyone in Budapest, we feel that not everyone is confident in traveling despite the start of delivery of vaccines, health and safety is our main goal.

Said this the programme will remain in the same dates 22 – 24 July 2021  as well as the topics:

Treatment Resistant Depression

Augmentation strategies in MDD

Prevention of suicide

Inflammation and Cognition in Mood and Anxiety Disorders

ADHD in adults

COVID-19 lock-down effects on mental Health

Preventing Illness Progression in Bipolar Disorder

Personalized psychiatry: are we there yet?

We will work hard to provide everyone a virtual experience that will enable you to connect and access the latest research through a new format and we hope you will join us.


Prof. S. Kasper, Prof. S.A. Montgomery, Prof. A. H. Young, Prof. E. Vieta