Dear Colleagues,

It is my great honor and pleasure to invite you to traditional annual international Symposium of the Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina, 17th Psychiatric Days of Bosnia and Herzegovina that will take place in Hotel “Mellain” in Tuzla, during the period of the 25th – 26th October 2019. It will be opportunity for psychiatrists and other mental health professionals from Bosnia and Herzegovina, region as well as other parts of Europe to contribute with their presentations and constructive discussions to the main topic „Treatment in Psychiatry: Actualities and Dilemmas“.
There is more and more new knowledge and following dilemmas in the treatment of psychiatric disorders and diseases. Circumstances in the modern world are such that the number of mental illnesses is increasing, which requires re-examination of the earlier and searching for new treatment methods. In addition to psychopharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and sociotherapy in psychiatry, methods of spiritual therapy, eco-psychiatry, various methods of traditional complementary forms of treatment or transcranial magnetnetic brain stimulation are increasingly discussed, as well as stigmatized, but proven and practically harmless, electrostimulative therapy is re-actualized. Additionally to psychiatric disorders, there are often other medical problems that we are obliged to treat together with the mental illness. It requires a broad and multidisciplinary approach to each patient in the concept of personalized psychiatry. During the Symposium distinguished lecturers and experts will present actual knowledge in the field of treatment in psychiatry, as well as dilemas which appear in everyday clinical practice.

Tuzla is the center of the Tuzla Canton, a city of salt, a cultural, university and economic center, recognizable by multinational and multicultural tolerance, a traditionally good and attentive host.
Looking forward to welcome you in Tuzla in October and wish that you will acquire pleasant memories, new knowledge and solutions of dilemmas regarding existig practices and experiences.


Professor Izet Pajević, MD, PhD President, Psychiatric Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina President, Organizing Committee